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Allergies - finally able to take a deep breath again and escape allergy discomfort!

Allergy-free at the Emberger Alm at Sattlegger's Alpenhof

One of the simplest forms of allergy treatment is an actual timeout from allergens. Choose places where substances that provoke allergic reactions either don’t occur at all, or only occur to a minimal extent. Our inn is one of those valuable places. Even a two-week holiday spent in the mountains can result in long-lasting allergy relief.
The University of Innsbruck has confirmed: Our business is free of house dust mites and has low mildew amounts. While airborne pollen is present, levels are as much as six times less than in the valley, and pollen season is much shorter.


Nutrition is an important topic, and not just for allergy sufferers. Thanks to special training, we are qualified to cater to your personal nutritional wishes and needs. We can also take into consideration your food allergies as well as potential cross-reactions.

The House

Inside the house, too, we do everything to ensure the least stress possible on your body during your holidays. We use special laundry detergents on bedding, special cleaning agents on carpets. In the rooms, you will find shower gel and shampoo that is likewise hypoallergenic. And we also have a no-smoking zone with smoke-free rooms. Hypoallergenic rooms (smoke- and pet-free) are available in all room categories.


Sattleggers Alpenhof lies in a unique area of alpine pastures at 1800 m above sea level. Despite the high elevation, the Emberger Alm is easy to reach via a new road. Numerous recreational opportunities add to your holiday enjoyment. We also operate the Emberger Alm Holiday Observatory with 2 permanently installed telescopes. Hiking paths of all difficulty levels up to elevations as high as 2300 m await you, as does a sauna. Tandem paragliding flights are possible, ponies graze on the meadows nearby, and so much more.

Recuperate in the mountains - holidays for allergy sufferers!

The high-mountain climate provides optimal conditions for an allergy-free or at least allergy-reduced vacation. Low pollen levels in the air due to the high elevation, minimal occurrence of dust mites as well as mildew spores are three of the factors contributing to the hypoallergenic nature of our mountain climate.

Even a two-week, though ideally a three-week holiday will result in a significant reduction in symptoms for allergy sufferers, while the positive benefits can be felt long after the holiday is done. The quality we promise is guaranteed by our membership in Allergie Alpin as well as permanent monitoring of allergen levels.

We would be delighted if you chose our house for your allergy-free Holiday!